The List

Over three hundred tattoo artists have been hand picked as the best in the US and placed on The List. We then decided to put them all together into an easy-to-use iPhone application.

The List IconThe List provides direct access to these amazing tattoo artists: sample tattoo images, GPS locations, and personal contact information all available in one place.

How were the tattoo artists selected?

Search The List

Find new artists: search by artist's name, multiple tattoo styles, location, or tattoo shop/studio.

Artists updates

As artists move, change info, and update portfolios, you'll always have access to the latest information..

Locate near you

A quick "Near Me" search organizes The List based on which artists are the closest. (GPS)

More Features

  • Sort and search by tattoo style
  • Individual artist appointment notes
  • Hand picked sample images and thumbnails
  • Application and artist news updates
  • GPS location sorting
  • Save your own List in "Favorites"

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The List is an ongoing, personal project by David Allen, Jesse Curry & Kate Kirk.
With help from Cara Shrock, Donald Miller and Greg Tucker.